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Included in 1890, the Community of Sellersburg is situated in between Clarksville, Jeffersonville, Borden, Memphis, and Charlestown in main Clark Region Indiana (Sellersburg). The Community is only a 10 minute drive north of Louisville, Kentucky. Including two exits to I-65 with numerous state and area highways converging the Community, we are the main crossroads of Clark County

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Included in the strategies to update the pool with the addition of a splash pad play area. In the Indiana Room at Sellersburg Library, there are many sources explaining the background of the cement market in Speed, Indiana which lies simply outside of the north border of the Community.

The individuals are residents of Rate and Sellersburg location. Black and white picture of the Sellersburg, Indiana Pennsylvania Railway depot structure, conductor, and traveler train in 1907.

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Initially the railroad in Sellersburg was called Jeffersonville and Indianapolis Railway. It was relabelled Jeffersonville, Madison and Indianapolis Railway in 1866. The railroad then became the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1873. After that it was called Penn Central Railway Pictures of Miller Brothers Grocery. It was located at 109 N. New Albany Method in Sellersburg, Indiana.

The 1930 Demographics shows Phillip Oliver Miller had a butcher store in Sellersburg with Raymond and James Kenneth, his boys, working as butchers. Prior to that he was living in New Albany.

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The Miller Brothers Market was at this location until at the very least 1977. The all the buildings in the photos have actually been taken down. Herman Popp and Karl Kramer made a wager about the results of the 1928 presidential election in between Herbert Hoover, Republican Politician, and Alfred Smith, Democrat. The loser, Popp, needed to push the winner, Kramer, in a mail cart from Ernest Davis Drug Store in Speed to Sellersburg.

The man in the cart is Karl Kramer. The fellow with the hat on is Herman Popp. They had a wager whoever won (Hoover & K.K.) got to be bossed around town by the loser.".

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We wish to make certain that services and employment areas fit within the financial investment prepare for the neighborhood. We are seeing to it these investments More about the author fit within the future website traffic strategies and improvements as we focus on those items." To help make these modifications take place quicker, Sellersburg hired Smith as town manager.

"It's a tiny town, so you have five elected officials that genuinely all have full time tasks, and the placement of councilman is really a part-time job," Smith describes. "Commonly, they 'd appear in conferences two times a month to attempt to obtain an evaluation of what's taking place, however there truly had not been a factor person on the ground to deal with the daily and take whatever vision the councils may have had and carry out those daily.

They've added a $20 million sewer plant rehab growth job that will double the size of the town's existing wastewater treatment facility with space to grow. They likewise started an analysis of Sellersburg's wastewater energy and adjusted rates for the very first time in over 20 years. "This council took that really seriously," Smith recalls.

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"Same with the water system to go in and remodel water pipe and making new connections and loopholes to boost solution, improve capacity and circulation (Sellersburg weather). It improved top quality for the present citizens, yet additionally prospective future homeowners and future users." The change that will have the most significant influence is a $4 million road project that will expand the community's Camp Run Parkway from Region Roadway 311 to State Freeway 60

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"The financial investment will certainly attract a great deal of more recent type style companies that we wish to bring into the mix, where individuals can come and enjoy their afternoon or evenings regarding supper or hobby shops and things like that," says Brad Amos, Sellersburg's town head of state. That style of service address called the "3rd area," is key to Sellersburg's growth and success, Smith says.

"Historically, Sellersburg has actually been an area where you come to live, yet not historically a location where you delight in that third-place development," Smith states. One of those corporations is Pepsi, which lately transferred one of its systems to the community.

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Simply in the in 2014, Sellersburg has actually welcomed 3 brand-new shop shops and 2 in your area owned principle dining establishments with even more heading. They recently added a new website traffic signal to the Town Facility District off Freeway go to website 60, where there is a mix of household and retail. "To make sure that makes it a beneficial possession for them to find and visit and to delight the idea of either making purchases of some kind or locating a need to possibly provide us concepts of various chances for different companies to find in," Amos describes.

"I think that we're dealing with each private interaction distinctively so that we can discover the solution that makes it a lasting fit for Sellersburg," he states. "It makes it a long-term fit for the company and it's valuable to both homeowners, taxpayers, and employees alike. "I think that's been the cool thing to enjoy with Sellersburg.

The Town of Sellersburg authorities were thrilled to function with a leading nationwide developer, preparing for the potential of a huge Class A job that would certainly attract noticeable business users and hundreds of new work in the nearly 1.1 million sq.

Not only that, the town has the greatest median home values, the greatest typical family income, and the youngest general ordinary age in Clark County.

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